Relationship Reboot Review
One-to-one coaching with Nicola Foster

Give your lovelife an MOT!

A relationship coaching immersion with relationship expert Nicola Foster.

Are you dating, thinking about dating or in a new relationship?

Are you successful in other areas of life but feeling stuck around your patterns in relationship?

Would you like some support and guidance around setting healthy boundaries?

Would you like to get clearer on your relationship vision and next steps?

You’re in the right place.

Starts March 1 2020.

Don’t miss out!

Only 4 Spots available for this one-to-one coaching programme.


March 1 – March 31 2020

Is this you?


  • Do you get involved fast, then regret it later?
  • Are you back in the dating world after a long break?
  • Are you seeing someone and finding it hard to set boundaries?
  • Do you know what your relationship values are?
  • Are you frustrated by an ending you don’t understand?
  • Do you make yourself super busy to avoid feelings?
  • Do past hurts or old resentments get in the way of new connections?
  • Are you clear on your vision for a new relationship?

During this month long immersion you will:

Explore your relationship history and look for patterns over time.

Learn more about boundaries.


Find out about your attachment style and how it affects your relationships.


Get clear on your personal Red Flags and Non-Negotiables.


Create your vision and set your intentions for calling in love.

What will you get for your money?

A Pre-Assessment

An initial assessment looking at your relationship history.

This will include a review of your relationships and a questionnaire to help you determine your personal attachment style.

Two 1-2-1 Coaching Calls

These will be compassionate spaces to explore how you show up in relationship.

An initial coaching call (60 min) follows the questionnaire. A longer call (90 min) to discuss the results of your home study worksheets.

We’ll help you to see your patterns and establish the areas where you’d like to grow. 


Home Study Exercises

You’ll receive a tailored set of thought-provoking exercises and worksheets to complete. You’ll be able to take away a road map for moving forwards.

Each exercise will help you to explore an aspect of who and how you are in relationship. You’ll receive all the exercises right away and regular reminders by e-mail.

How To Book

1. Complete the form to book. The introductory cost of the program is £225 (£199)  payable by PayPal or bank transfer. I’ll send an email with payment details. This a VERY special  price. It will be increasing the next time the programme is offered.

2. You’ll receive an e-mail containing a link to schedule your 60-minute coaching call. Once you have booked your call slot you will receive the attachment questionnaire.

3. After your coaching call you’ll receive the home study worksheets and a link to book your 90 minute follow-up call.

About Nicola

Hi – I’m Nicola and I’m so thrilled to offer this programme.

I know many people long to be in a more conscious, loving relationship and are eager to learn how to grow in this area.

My own personal challenges with relationships led me to become fascinated by what makes an intimate relationship work. Since then, I’ve made it my career and my mission to help women and men to build strong, healthy, loving relationships.

I left a successful corporate career to become a qualified Relationship and Intimacy therapist. I now work one-to-one with couples and individuals in my busy, in-person intimacy clinic in Bath.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge of relationship dynamics and attachment styles. I help people avoid the common traps that many fall into when forming new relationships.

I created this program for people who can’t commit to in-person therapy but who still want to learn about who they are in relationship.

This is an introductory offer and there are limited diary slots available.

So if it’s the right time for you, jump in now, claim your spot and take a step towards to more loving relationships.









Register here.


Q. What’s the time window for the calls?

A. I’m based in the UK. I’m opening up slots across timezones  on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  You can pick from a choice of time slots using my online calendar booking system.


Q. What’s it like working with you?

A. People often describe me as warm and fun. 
And, sometimes as a wise owl!
I am a book addict and will always be able to recommend further reading. I have a long standing practice of meditation which informs my work.

Q. How are the exercises delivered?

A. All the exercises are sent by e-mail in the form of PDFs.
You’ll be sent all the exercises after the first call so you can work at your own pace and you can also opt in for e-mails.

Q. Is it a good idea to do this after a recent break up?

A. It depends. If you feel ready to look at all the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out, then you’re probably ready for this program.

Q.How long do I have to use the calls?

A. All calls to be used before the end of April 2020.


Q. Is this therapy or coaching?

A. I’m a therapist and a coach. Whilst I have a successful in-person therapy practice, I also enjoy working online with clients from all over the world. My coaching tends to be more future focused and directive than in-personal therapy. This coaching program benefits from the knowledge, depth and sensitivity my work as a therapist has given me.

Q.Will it be right for me?

A. It will be tailored to your specific needs. You will be directed to all the very best guidance and latest resources. You will have someone to share with and be supported. 

By the end of the programme…


  • You will be better prepared for your next relationship.
  • You will gain new insights into past relationships, so that you can learn from those experiences.
  • You will be empowered to make wise and honouring choices at the beginning of new relationships.
  • You will have a road map with your vision and next steps.

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