Inviting Intimacy

2-day conscious relating workshop in London, Fulham

25/26 April 2020 – 10am – 5-30pm


A Jan Day Workshop led by Nicola Foster, with Jason Porthouse.

Are you looking for more honesty in your relationships? Inviting Intimacy is a workshop designed to deepen your connection with yourself – and in doing so, enable deeper connections with others.

Intimacy, while sometimes hard to find or maintain, is what we yearn for; it is the doorway to meaningful connections and loving relationships. True intimacy is built on bringing all parts of ourselves to a relationship – even those we label as ‘bad’.
Whether you desire to deepen relationships with your partner, your lover, your friends or your family, this workshop will give you the tools and insights to be more authentic.

Over the course of the weekend, we will look at how to get in touch with our ‘first intimacy’ – ourselves. You will be invited to explore the importance of presence and how it can transform relationship. You’ll have opportunities to challenge old patterns and beliefs and discover how they might be holding you back.

This process is an opportunity to:

• learn to love and trust yourself – to be more fully human

• allow yourself to be vulnerable, to ‘not know’ and to make mistakes

• learn to enjoy life more fully so that you can live with more passion

• dance, connect and have fun with a group of open-hearted people

Inviting Intimacy is a journey to discover a deeper relationship with yourself and with others. The workshop will include some movement, guided structures and processes, conscious touch, sharing and personal reflection.

We invite you to join in this safe, nourishing and playful space, where you can awaken to your full potential!

This weekend is suitable for individuals and couples – all are welcome.

About Nicola

Nicola is a relationship and intimacy therapist and teacher. She began learning about love and relationships with Jan Day in 2011 and this journey led her to escape her corporate job and become a relationship expert. She now runs coaching and therapy practices in Bath and online for couples and individuals. Her mission is to help men and women create, repair and deepen their intimate relationships. Nicola says “When I first began learning about relationships with Jan I had very little idea about how to be relational. I was wrapped up in my own fears, judgments, prejudices and doubts. As I experimented with dating and being more conscious in my relationship choices, I learned to see the unique differences and beautiful qualities in others and to how to be more present. I also found greater self-acceptance. I now love to help others to find more self-esteem, confidence and joy in all their relationships.”

About Jason

Jason is Nicola’s partner and has been studying with Jan Day since 2018. He’s recently completed Jan’s 18-month training, and is passionate about the importance of conscious relationships and the transformations they can bring. Jason is also a qualified Spiritual Companion, having studied with Dr. Willam Bloom on the only accredited course in practical Spirituality and Wellness in the UK. Jason is also one of the team of organisers of the annual Glastonbury Symposium.

What people say about working with Nicola:

‘Nicola is an excellent facilitator. She creates a very safe and supportive place.’ Valerie

‘Nicola holds space with deep presence, sincerity and love.’  Louise

‘A lot of fun and Nicola Foster is a great facilitator!’ Alex

‘Nicola provided a beautiful space and I immediately felt relaxed and welcomed. It felt a safe place to explore. Thank you for a beautiful and worthwhile day.’ Colin

‘What a delicious invitation, to connect with others in a space well held by Nicola, who brings such experience and clarity.’ Paul

Book now and join us for a fun, safe and intimate weekend.


Location: The Constructive Teaching Centre, SW62UB


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