Do you want to experience richer relationships?

Hi, I’m Nicola Foster. I’m a professional relationship and intimacy therapist and coach.

My specialism is helping women and men to create and build more healthy, loving and intimate relationships.

Read on to find out more about my online coaching and in-person workshops and retreats.

Relationship Reboot

Are you dating, thinking about dating or in a new relationship?

If you are looking to call in a new relationship or get a professional, fresh perspective on an existing relationship the Relationship Reboot is for you.

You'll get one-to-one coaching with Nicola, expert guidance on your personal attachment styles and personalised exercises to complete at home.

Only 4 spots available. Starts March 1 2020.


Love in Lockdown Laser Call

LOVE IN LOCKDOWN - Laser Support Call

I’m offering a small number of one-hour, one off calls during the lockdown.

You can bring a specific issue and we can laser in on ideas to overcome the stalemate.


VIP Days

Imagine this. A day, in-person entirely focused on you. I'll be your personal relationship mentor for the day.

We'll review at your relationship history and patterns.

I will guide you through simple, healing processes to help release blocks and old hurt.

We'll discuss where you get stuck in old patterns.

You'll learn about your individual attachment style.

We'll identify opportunities to overcome any challenges you face around attachment.

In the afternoon you'll create a powerful vision for your next relationship.

I'll help you to establish the 'red flags' to look out for and how you can strengthen your boundaries.

You'll get clear on where you push love away and create new possibilities to open.

We'll have fun with ideas for dating with greater confidence, bringing in your unique sexuality and flirting.

You'll be creating new, firm foundations for a happy, healthy relationship in the future.

In-person VIP Days will be launching in Autumn 2020.
In Bath and Online.


What do past clients say?

“Certain patterns in my life are so emotive and confusing that it’s hard for me to find a way through them on my own. Nicola’s professional and assured counselling has created the space for me to experience my patterns in a fresher, lighter way and move beyond them. Many times she has offered, maybe with a smile or a little dose of humour, a tiny suggestion – and only as her suggestion lands does it become clear what a valuable and weighty gem it really is. That’s the gift of being in the hands of a real pro.”

Nicola coached me during an unexpectedly difficult time.  Nicola was very patient and gently kept bringing me back to my original questions and ideas.She asked great questions and during a time of real lows in my life she reflected back to me the good stuff that I was in danger of forgetting.  She believed in me and gently helped me back to believing in myself.  Nicola is gentle and generous in her approach and used a variety of approaches to help me to see myself and my situation in new and helpful ways.

“Nicola is excellent at what she does.  She creates a very safe and supportive place in which to explore major life issues.”

“Nicola helped us with communicating about our intimacy. She worked with us on exercises about how to express ourselves. She was insightful, caring and discrete. We would recommend Nicola to anyone who needs a plan that is seamless and consistent.”

“Nicola has been very intuitive as to my needs and seems to have an amazing toolkit of techniques, exercises and processes to use in our coaching sessions. She is so approachable, friendly and very human alongside her professional style. Some of the issues I have faced are deeply personal and I have felt very vulnerable revealing some of my fears. I have felt very relaxed and open to the work with her and it has boosted my confidence and enabled me to see things much clearer. I feel I really have Nicola on my side.”

“I had sensed for a while that I wasn’t where I wanted to be at my stage of life. I was looking for direction and felt overwhelmed. For me, working with Nicola has been about learning how to believe in myself again. I felt I had lost confidence but with a sounding board like Nicola is was possible to reflect and as a result I am moving forward with changes.”


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